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Bella Natural Herbal Breast Enhancement Cream

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Shipping Times:

  • US: 2 - 4 weeks
  • Canada: 3 - 6 weeks
  • Australia & New Zealand: 3 - 6 weeks
  • South America: 5 - 8 weeks
  • Europe: 3 - 5 weeks
  • Asia: 3 - 4 weeks


  • 100% Natural Extracts & No Synthetic Additives. 
  • Easy, surgery-free breast & butt enhancement.
  • Firmer, shapelier breasts for improved self-esteem.
  • Herbal balancing formula for breast tissue.
  • Supports healthy mammary glands for fuller looking breasts.
  • Nourishes and hydrates breasts and butts.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Net Weight: 100g
  • Gross Weight: 120g
  • Active Ingredients: Pueraria Mirifica, Kigeline, Green Papaya Extract, African Daisy Fruit Extract Kwai, Wild Yam.

Bella Natural Herbal Breast Enhancement Cream is a tissue stimulating natural blend that helps enhance a woman's breasts and skin texture.Our unique cream formulation is absorbed very quickly into the breasts to penetrate deeply, allowing maximal results that are applied directly to the target tissues. The end result is a visible firming and enhancing of the breasts and surrounding area.

This breast enhancement program is based on the amount of breast tissue nourishing levels present in the body. A six month program should be sufficient to give maximum results on breast enhancement. You can stop as soon as you are satisfied with the results. Six months is the recommended period in order to obtain maximum results. After six months, once a week application may be all that is required to keep your breasts looking fuller, perkier and firmer!

Bella Natural Herbal Breast Enhancement Cream is also used as a natural butt enhancer using the same properties that help with breast enhancement.

Usage Information
Apply daily, each morning and evening, ideally after a hot shower. The idea with these steps is to make the cream penetrate into the breasts deeply, in these 3 different motions for best results. Use enough pressure to have the cream absorbed well through the skin.

Step 1: Spread bella cream all around the breast. It is not necessary to apply to the nipples.

Step 2: Bend forward slightly, use both hands to slide the cream from the under-breast line in an upwards motion to the upper breast. Repeat this at least 10 times.

Step 3: Slide hand in a motion from the armpit to the cleavage (upper breast), again repeating this motion at least 10 times for each breast.

Step 4: With two fingers, pull several times from the center on the chest (chest bone) along the lower breast and towards the armpit - this allows more cream to be absorbed which is helpful to maximize the breast enhancement.

Usage Tips:
  • One cream is a 2 weeks to one month supply.
  • Six creams for one full course.
  • One course last for 6 months.
  • During the first week of using, massage cream twice a day in the morning and twice at night.
  • It is more effective to use the cream after taking a hot bath or shower.
  • Must continue to use daily rests seen typically is 60 days continue use to increase size.
  • Permanent results after 6 months of use!
  • Remember to wear bras that fit properly fit as your bust changes
  • *** For use on butt apply twice daily after warm shower.***





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