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Emergency Survival Kit Box

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This handy little 6 piece emergency supply kit really punches above it's weight.  Small enough to go with you anywhere, in your purse, bag, car, bike etc.  

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Shipping Times:

US: 2 - 4 weeks
Canada: 3 - 6 weeks
Australia & New Zealand: 3 - 6 weeks
South America: 5 - 8 weeks
Europe: 3 - 5 weeks
Asia: 3 - 4 weeks


  • Multi function blade  is micro-honed for precision slicing and cutting.The blade is designed to fit field survival.
  • Cut saw is lightweight, strong, versatile. It can allow you to cut from a variety of angles and in situations with little clearance.
  • Fire starter  can help you make starting a fire easier, in any weather and at any altitude. A favorite of survival experts, hunters, fishermen and campers aroun the world. And also a handy emergency signal as well, you can signal rescue crews with the starter's bright spark and its built-in emergency whistle.
  • Survival whistle  is an essential safety item for every camping, hiking or bike trip.
  • Small compass  is a great tool for hunting, fishing and other outdoor adventures, it can help you keep your bearings.


      • Size: 9.5x6.6x3cm
      • Weight: 220g
      Note: Fire starter and survival whistle color may send randomly.

      Package List:

      • 1*SOS box
      • 1*card knife
      • 1*multi function blade
      • 1*cut saw
      • 1*fire starter
      • 1*survival whistle
      • 1*small compass



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